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Face Shield (Harness & Visor)

Posted By Wipro 3D Nikhil Chowdary on 11-04-2020 10:46 AM
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India and the world at large are currently combating an unprecedented humanitarian and healthcare crisis arising from the COVID19 pandemic. The healthcare workers who are at the frontline of treating COVID19 patients are at high risk of getting infected themselves, due to lack of Personal Protective Equipment.  Government agencies and hospitals the world over are racing to provide Personal Protective Equipment such as Face Shields as an added layer of security when dealing with COVID19 patients. 

Wipro 3D in collaboration with Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has developed a Face Shield design that is comfortable, sterilizable, light-weight and re-usable. The Face Shield provides an additional layer of security to prevent COVID19 infections by blocking micro-droplets and preventing users from touching their face.

The Wipro 3D Face Shield was developed rapidly with inputs from healthcare workers on the field. As such, it has an adjustable dual strap design going above and behind the head, enabling comfortable securing for each individual. The head strap allows the light-weight Face Shield to rest on the user’s head as opposed to other designs that use elastic straps that require frequent adjustment during usage. The protective plastic sheet is larger than standard A4 size sheets used in other designs, and provides ear-to-ear as well as hairline-to-neck coverage.

Price: Rs INR 93 per piece

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